MMI Corporate Network

With the principal office based in London , MMI has built an extensive international network in the Asia-Pacific region through direct ownership, joint venture and franchising. The international network is as follows:

MMI LONDON – As the Principal College of the MMI Group, MMI London presides over the curriculum and delivery of Montessori in all of MMI’s international training schools and pre-schools. MMI London is also the master franchisor of MMI Egypt, MMI Kenya and MMI Nigeria.

The MODERN MONTESSORI INTERNATIONAL (MMI) GROUP was formed in 1989 as the exclusive franchisor for Modern Montessori International (London)’s unique and patented brand of early childhood education in Asia Pacific.

With its humble beginnings as a single storey school in a modest shop house, the ever-enterprising Group has grown exponentially over the years. Today, it encompasses close to 100 schools in 14 countries across 4 continents – making it one of the largest Montessori presences in the world.

In Singapore, where its Corporate Headquarters is based, MMI owns two office buildings in the bustling Central Business District; and close to more than 28 preschools island wide.

From a little-known methodology back in the ‘80s, MMI has helped transformed Montessori into a household name now synonymous with quality and assurance. As a testament of its strength, the acclaimed company has been accorded with a host of prestigious awards and accreditations.

Apart from offering preschool services and delivering program training, MMI also extends its franchising packages to local and international business partners.

MMI THAILAND – MMI has entered a joint venture in Thailand to develop the Montessori Method of Education. A company called Modern Montessori International (Thailand) Ltd was formed to refer to this need.

MMI INDONESIA – In 2006, MMI appointed MMI Menteng as our first franchisee. In 2008, MMI collaborated with MMI Pantai Indah Kapuk.

MMI VIETNAM – In 2010, MMI made its first foray with Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park (VSIP) in Vietnam.

MMI  INDIA – In 2003, a joint venture partnership between MMI and India’s influential Jaipuria Group, MMI India is one of the Group’s two South Asian representations. It has its own building in Gurgaon as well as schools in Kozhikode and various parts of Delhi.

MMI SRI LANKA – In 2004, MMI established MMI Sri Lanka Pvt Ltd as a joint venture.

MMI KENYA – A country franchisee under the purview of MMI London, MMI Kenya is a collaborative effort with the Montessori Learning Center in Nairobi and one of the Group’s three African representations.

MMI NIGERIA – In 2006, a country franchisee under the purview of MMI London, MMI Nigeria is a collaborative effort with Chelis EducationConsult Limited in Lagos.